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Illmatic Memories

My first trip to Queensbridge was for Nas’ One Love video shoot directed by Fab 5 Freddy. I cast most of the talent (everyone that wasn’t a part of Nas’ crew).

While on set, which was the projects, a girl walked over to me and said Nas told her to come talk to me about working on videos. I was a little surprised because I hadn’t even formally met Nas that day and wondered how/why he told the girl to come see me. Maybe because I was one of the few women on set that day and the least likely to take advantage of a young ambitious girl trying to break into the game?? Who knows.

I worked with Nas a few times over the years. Never made it back to The Bridge tho. Glad to have been a part of the making of a hip hop classic. #illmatic

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the ultimate. multi-tasking mama.

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Switerzland Returns Looted $700 Million To Nigeria

maybe now lagos airport can be upgraded to the 21st century

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went to sleep cute, woke up cute

went to sleep cute, woke up cute

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MuhammidaPhiladelphia, PA
Photo Credit: Ann Blake Photography High-res


Philadelphia, PA

Photo Credit: Ann Blake Photography

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#incoherent rants/”stream of consciousness”
but doesn’t annoy the hell out of me like that other one

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Do you know how to shine?

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